Rabbits are the third most popular pets in Ireland. However they do not need a licence, and many vets are not aware of how to treat / vaccinate them effectively. Much of the housing sold for rabbits is incredibly undersized and inadequate for your rabbit to live a happy, active and healthy life. We are passionate about rabbits here, and hope you might learn a little from this page. Here’s 5 important points that you should know about your rabbit:

Five things to know about your rabbit:

1. Rabbits can live for up to 12 years

2. Female Rabbits are always in heat and can have litters every 30 days from approx 4 months old

3. Rabbits can easily be litter trained and make perfect indoor pets

4. Rabbits should be vaccinated annually against 2 fatal, airborne diseases - VHD and Myxamatosis, which is one annual vaccinations costing approximately 45 euro

5. Rabbits are social animals and should be homed with people and other rabbits and have VERY distinct personalities

Handling your Rabbit:

Rabbits have a lightweight skeleton compared to most animals and their bones are easily fractured. If they struggle violently the rabbit may damage its spine, becoming paralysed in the hind legs, or even die of heart failure.However, it is quite easy to handle your rabbit in the right way. Pick up your rabbit by grasping the scruff of the neck gently with one hand and supporting its rump and hindquarters with your other hand.

Never pick a rabbit up by its ears – they are very sensitive and easily damaged. To carry your rabbit tuck its head under your arm while still supporting its hindquarters. By handling your rabbit frequently in this way it will soon become tame and by talking gently, calling its name, it will soon respond to your voice.

If you are unsure, have your vet or a Last Hope Rabbit Expert show you the proper way to restrain and carry your rabbit.

Tips for kids

Don’t pull your rabbit’s ears
Be gentle and your rabbit won’t become frightened
Keep your bunny away from other pets, especially dogs
Chasing games are stressful for your rabbit and it may escape or die of heart failure
The picture to the right shows the best places to pet your bunny very gently

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