If one of our furry friends tugs at your heart strings let us know and we will begin our short process immediately.  There are five steps involved in the process:

1.  Complete our online adoption application form.  

Our cat adoption fee is €60, all cats adopted from Last Hope are neutered, and worm and flea treated. If a kitten is too young to be neutered when adopted we issue a neutering voucher which is redeemable at participating vets when the kitten is 5 months which covers the cost of neutering. 

Our dog adoption fee is €200 and our puppy adoption fee is €250, all dogs adopted from Last Hope are fully vaccinated, neutered, worm and flea treated and microchipped.  €15 of this fee is payable to fido.ie for registration and transfer of ownership of microchip. All new owners will receive a certificate of microchipping which is now required by law.

2   A Last Hope volunteer will be in touch to arrange an informal home visit for a quick chat (beds, food etc do not need to be purchased at this point).

3.  A mutually convenient time will be arranged for you to meet your new pet.

4.  Prepare for your pets arrival, read up or ask our volunteers about taking care of your new pet and make sure you have a bed, food, toys or anything else you will need for your new pet.

5.  Bring your new best friend home.  

Please be patient as all Last Hope volunteers are here on a voluntary basis and many also have full time jobs.  We will endeavour to complete the process as quickly as possible.